Wearable System for Physiological Monitoring

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ICT for Humans

ICT for Humans research is aimed to develop novel systems to monitoring physiological signals and variables

ICT for Mental Health

Depression is the third leading contributor to global diseases, and depressive mood state is also considered to be strictly related to the onset or worsening of a severe primary somatic disease. Our research focuses on early assessment of human mental health through analysis of behavioral and physiological signals, also devising ad-hoc cutting-edge, advanced biomedical signal processing and artificial intelligence techniques.

ICT for Animals

The ICT tools for Animals are new line of hardware and software solutions designed to monitor autonomic nervous system activity. Specifically, the system is able to acquire simultaneously cardiac, respiratory and physical activity of animals for several hours; to store it locally, and to stream the acquired data forward to a portable electronics (e.g. a smartphone or a table or a laptop etc.). 


Computational Physiology & Biomedical Instruments Group, University of Pisa


Feel-ING is a new start-up specialized in developing and implementing innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions for the optimization of the psychophysical performance and the promotion of wellbeing and mental health