Cardiovascular and Neural Modeling

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Neural Modeling and Simulation


This research activity is focused on

1) Modeling in-vitro neural cultures

2) Modeling Neuron-Glia dynamics and interaction

3) Modeling Neuron-Glia dynamics at a network level


This activity is carried out in collaboration with Prof. Enzo Wanke (University of Milano Bicocca, Milan, Italy)



Modeling in-vitro neural cultures

Inhomogeneous Point-Process Models for Heartbeat Dynamics

This research activity is focused on

1) Developing Inhomogeneous Point-Process Models of human heartbeat dynamics

2) Extend the framework including nonlinear dynamics

3) Extend the framework including multivariate dynamics (e.g., respiration, blood pressure, etc.)


This activity is carried out in strict collaboration with Prof. Riccardo Barbieri (Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, and Mass. General Hospital, Boston, USA), and Prof. Luca Citi (University of Essex, Colchester, UK)






Computational Physiology & Biomedical Instruments Group, University of Pisa


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