Eye-Gaze Dynamics

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The HAT-Move


Based on computer vision techniques, our eye-tracking system integrates eye images and head movement, in real time, performing a robust gaze point tracking. Nystagmus movements due to vestibulo-ocular reflex are monitored and integrated. Our system is robust against changes of illumination conditions and it is equipped with accurate inertial motion unit to detect the head movement enabling eye gaze even in dynamical conditions. HAT-Move performance has been investigated in both static and dynamic conditions, in laboratory settings and in a 3D virtual reality scenario, showing that HAT-Move is able to achieve eye gaze angular error of about 1 degree.

Eye-trackers and pupil size variation are generally developed for scientific investigation in several fields of application such as ophthalmology, neurology, or psychology, with the aim of studying oculomotor characteristics and abnormalities. The focus of these studies is the identification of cognitive and mental states. Our algorithms implemented in efficient software provide useful cues to discriminate emotional states, for example, induced by viewing images at different arousal content.




Computational Physiology & Biomedical Instruments Group, University of Pisa


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