Brain-Heart Interaction

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Through their dynamical interplay, the brain and the heart ensure fundamental homeostasis and mediate a number of physiological functions as well as their disease-related aberrations. Although a vast number of ad hoc analytical and computational tools have been recently applied to the non-invasive characterization of brain and heart dynamic functioning, little attention has been devoted to combining information to unveil the interactions between these two physiological systems.

Our research activity is focused on

1) The study of brain-heart interaction using advanced computational models for synchronized EEG/fMRI and heartbeart dynamics

2) Development of new metrics for brain-heart interaction

3) Investigation of brain-heart dynamics in the frame of Affective Computing field

4) Development of novel Brain-Heart Computer Interfaces, also for affecive computing applications



Computational Physiology & Biomedical Instruments Group, University of Pisa


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